PAPANDAYAN "Switzerland van Java"

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This is first time for me go to Papandayan Mount, aaand here is my story.

Friday, 1st of March 2013 (after office hour), We took a bus from Pasar Rebo, Jakarta at 10 pm to Guntur Garut and arrived around 12 pm. When we arrived, there's a lot of people offering small truck/open cab to Cisurupan, it takes around 30 minutes and wowww breathe easily than usual.

after 30 minutes, we moved to another truck from Cisurupan to base camp...5 minutes passed...finally..welcome to the jungle :)...the road more don't use small car or family car.
very risky.

Around 2 am on Saturday, 2nd March we arrived at Papandayan Base Camp..and wooow again!!!
"Strong Wind" it sounds like a big waves and very cold, maybe -10 :) 

Papandayan Base Camp

We start to hike at 8 am, brief and pray before. First, we found white rocky hill, the trek was full of gravel and not far from there we can found so many small craters, smells not good "sulfur".

This is the pic:

 after that, we entered the forest and the trek was like below picture

Trek of Papandayan

after walking for 4 hours, finally we arrived at Pondok Saladah. We set up the tent and time to "Indomie" hhehe. *ga jauh-jauh de indomie seleraku pokoknya mah

all settled, and we decided to sleep because of heavy rain outside.

Sunday, 3rd March

we hike to the top of Papandayan, there are 2 kinds of trek: rock climbing and forests.
3 hours passed, we arrived at Tegal Alun and because of bad weather we decided to go back to Pondok Saladah soonest. We chose trek through the Hutan Mati.

Tegal Alun

Hutan Mati

Around 2 pm we reached Pondok Saladah and packing. When we packing, suddenly rain. not's hail.
first time i saw that one. 

1 hour left, at 3 pm we go back to Base Camp and then reached an open cab to Guntur Garut.

Additional Info:

Bus (Pasar Rebo-Guntur Garut/ Guntur Garut-Ps.Rebo)  IDR 35.000 one way/person
Open Cab Guntur Garut to Cisurupan IDR 20.000/person
Cisurupan-Base Camp IDR 20.000/person
Open Cab Base Camp to Guntur Garut IDR 35.000/person

That's my story, hope will give you some info if you want to go there :)

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